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IASSW-APASWE Report-Medellin Meeting- July 2015-REV


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Asian Pacific Association for Social Work Education  (APASWE)


  1. APASWE will hold a Joint Conference with International Federation of Social Workers –  Asia Pacific (IFSW-AP) on 21st-24th October 2015  in Bangkok, with a theme: Growth and Crises : Social Work and Policy Discourses. The abstract dead line : July 31, 2015. Website: (http://www.thaitaswe.org)Theme of the Conference and sub themes have been approved by the APASWE Board members. The Official First Announcement for the Conference had been distributed during Melbourne Conference 2014. This 23rd Regional Conference will be hosted by Thai Association of Social Work and Social Welfare Education (TASWE), a national association which its members are the universities in Thailand that offer degree program in social work and social welfare. The Association composes of 8 (eight) major universities. The Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University will take part as the secretariat office for the Conference. The APASWE Secretary, Decha Sungkawan as the Chair of TASWE bears a big responsibility for the conference.
  2. To support promoting the conference, the APASWE Vice President (Zulkarnain Hatta) place the information about conference onto APASWE website and the President distributed information about the conference to IASSW and all APASWE members, both institutional and individual members
  3. As a follow up the APASWE Board meeting on 11 July 2014 during the Joint World Conference in Melbourne, APASWE has continued to collaborate with National University of Singapore to publish Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and  Development
  4. . To prepare for the APASWE Board Election in October 2015 (for the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, two positions of Committee Board members), there were three persons to be selected as the Nominating Committee and one of the three is the Chair of the Committee. The APASWE Board meeting decided to select the Immediate Past President, Tatsuru Akimoto, as the Chair of Nominating Committee. Muhammad Samad Samad and  Anyamanee Buranakanon are the Committee members. The Committee has sent out the information and material of the Election by mail.
  5. APASWE still continues working on the Definition of Social Work that leads to an amplified definition of social work in the Asia Pacific region. This began with the workshop prepared and organized by Mark Henrickson and Tatsuru Akimoto on 14 July at Australia College of Applied Psychology on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne.  The APASWE school members sent about 40 participants for the workshop. The workshop on Definition of Social Work could be continued or concluded in Bangkok Conference in 2015 .
  6. In order to support Global Agenda, the President of APASWE video taped a message in March 2015 for World Social Work Day celeberation. This message was sent out to IASSW and all APASWE members
  7. The bidding process for the venue of 2017 joint conference APASWE and IFSW-AP is taking place. Tatsuru Akimoto and Kana Matsuo (the Assistant to President) prepared the documents for the bidding. The deadline will be the end of August, 2015
  8. IASSW in collaboration with APASWE are preparing Capacity Building Program in Vietnam. APASWE is very thankful and always welcome to the initiatives to support the development of its members. This great effort is for the benefit of the members, therefore, their membership status of IASSW and APASWE is required
  9. APASWE publishes a monthly online newsletter called “Check It Out”. This contains country reports and news/messages. Through sharing country report, the members are allowed to learn each others about program and activities in advancing social work in general, and social work education in particular. “Check It Out” are organized by  Varathagowry Vasudevan and  Etsuko Sakamoto (Assistant to President)

Fentiny Nugroho

The President of APASWE